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Time For Print Boudoir Photoshoot

What is Time For Print?

Time For Print or Trade For Print (TFP) is a term many photographers use to describe an agreement between model and photographer, where the photographer agrees with the model and or agency to deliver a number of photos.

Typically, a written TFP agreement or TFP contract is made between the model and the photographer before the TFP photoshoot and is signed by both parties. TFP is a collaboration, not free labor.

There is no financial transaction involved between model and photographer. Possibly any cost made for the photoshoot can be equally shared between model and photographer, for example the rental of a photoshoot location. In case of expenses, the contribution of these shared costs should be mentioned in the TFP agreement or TFP contract.

The benefits of a TFP photoshoot are that the model can build a portfolio of photographs to show to prospective clients at little or no cost, while the photographer gets a model for a particular project or portfolio.

Time For Print Boudoir Photoshoot

TFP photoshoot with me?

While I can only do a few boudoir TFP photoshoots on a yearly basis, potential models who want to work with me on a TFP basis can contact me via this form.
The conditions for a boudoir TFP photoshoot are defined in a standard contract and has to be signed before the photoshoot.

The following general TFP conditions apply, but may vary depending on the mutual agreement and will be described in more detail in the TFP contract:

  1. The location can be provided by me or the model. Typically, I agree with the model on the location upfront to make sure that it fits the style or photoshoot concept we both agree on (modern, retro or romantic…). Possible rental costs are either payed by me or shared as defined in the agreement.
  2. The model can share with me a mood board before the photoshoot. A boudoir mood board is very helpful to set the scene and surely helps in the creative process.
  3. A typical boudoir TFP photoshoot starts around 14h00 and takes approximately 4-5 hours. Several outfit changes are possible during the photoshoot. I will bring some snacks and drinks, and some good music. Let me know which music you prefer.
  4. On average, I am taking between 500 and 800 photos during a photoshoot. A preselection of the best photos will be sent within 2 days to the model, via a secured link. The model selects out of the preselection a maximum of 15 photos which I will retouch in Photoshop. These 15 retouched images will be delivered within a period of 3 months after the photoshoot.
  5. The final 15 retouched images are delivered via the same secured link, in high resolution for print (300 dpi) and screen (72 dpi). The model and I are allowed to use these photos on social media, websites or printed photobooks. Unedited photos are not allowed to be used.
  6. Any additional retouched photo (outside the range of the 15 selected photos) can be purchased at 40 euro/photo.
  7. The model must not change the photo in anyway (filters, cropping, color editing, watermark removal) without prior consent of me.
  8. The model can bring one other person to the photoshoot.
  9. The model takes care of her own wardrobe, hair and makeup.
  10. It is allowed to use the photos for commercial purposes by both model and photographer (Webshop, Calendars, Patreon...)
  11. The model has a minimum age of 18 years.
  12. The intellectual property and copyright of the photos and video belongs to the photographer. The TFP agreement does not provide the model with copyright ownership.
  13. The model will inform me at least 7 days in advance in case of cancellation and so will I in case the photoshoot has to be cancelled.
  14. Travel costs of the model are not refunded.
  15. By signing the TFP contractual agreement, you agree to the terms described in the agreement.
  16. The model is allowed to use her personal portfolio link on this website for promotion.